WordPress 2.3 is looking good.

April 31, 2007 by aaron

I’ve been playing around with WordPress 2.3 Alpha and so far I like it.

Good Things:

  1. I like the new post status “Pending Review” and the ability to sort posts by status. Somone posted pictures here.
  2. Tags are looking good..
  3. A UTW tag importer is built in; of course, I realized this only after I created one.
  4. The “categories” database tables have been retired and everything is tag based (categories are a type of tag similar to the ways pages are just a form of post). I’m almost giddy at the possibilities.
  5. Major features of INAP still work. Pheww.
  6. Not finished yet, but hopefully, searches organized by relevance instead of date will also be released.

Bad things (that will probably be fixed soon):

  1. It seems you can’t add child categories in the July 28 Trunk, but I assume this will be fixed.
  2. No “Manage Tags” page yet.
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