The Meme for good or naught.

I have tried to avoid internet memes and their quixotic ideals because their constant ubiquitous nature leaves you feeling like a yo-yo always having to perform some trick while being jerked back and forth until you you get to the point where, for all intents and purposes, you begin to perform them with a perfunctory attitude. Well today I have decided to abrogate my prior feelings and, for those that offer me a quid pro quo benefit, I will stop hiding under a dresser like a brown recluse spider and perform whatever it asks (as long as it doesn’t require me to go to Belize or seek psychiatric treatment for melissophobia. ) So for my first meme, I have selected the creative writing assignment where you have to use a list of words (which should be hyperlinks) in a post.

Oh and for good measure:

When I first heard about this idea my original response was to just pass because I my blog is already ubiquitous in nature and has a tendency to be extremely quixotic in its postings (which combines to show a perfunctory attitude towards my readers), and I felt, to push the issue, would most likely cause my readers to abrogate their interest in my site. If that happens for all intents and purposes, I’ll be alone.

Although maybe it would be a good thing because I’ll just move to Belize where I will spend my days in the shade playing with a yo-yo. Although I won’t be happy about the bugs–I still shudder over the possibilities of a brown recluse spider in my shoes even though my relationship with spiders in general is quid pro quo (they get to live in my house, and I get a bug free home)–but it is my melissophobia that will be the most problematic.

Okay, so I did it twice. :)

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