Inline Ajax Plugin Changelog.

April 16, 2007 by aaron

The Official page for INAP can be found here Inline Ajax Page

The Changelog:

Changes in INAP version 2.2.3:

  1. Better integration with plugins.
  2. Live Comment Preview
  3. Fixed problems with no_comment text
  4. Fixed problem with non-typical characters in posts
  5. Pages are no longer processed by INAP
  6. Fixed incompatibilities where the output of certain plugins was showing up double occasionally
  7. Fixed bug with Scriptaculous effects
  8. Fixed link quicktags
  9. Added a way to turn off post effects.
  10. Fixed bug where would change the name of the folder, breaking the Admin panel.
  11. Feeds can now be trimmed if they use the_content()

Changes in INAP version 2.2.1:

  1. Integration with Stattraq plugin.
  2. Integration with wp-postviews and postview_plus plugins
  3. Minor changes to the add comment form to make it integrate better.
  4. Fixed problem with load_textdomain to ensure compatibility with Gengo
  5. Fixed major bug in the add comment form which disabled comments for users without javascript.

Changes in INAP version 2.2:

  1. Added pagination which can be turned on or off. (On a side note, this took forever because things are paginated based on 11 different options.)
  2. You no longer need to edit your theme files to use AJAX show/hide posts. — See Admin panel for details.
  3. A similar function has been created for comments, but is nowhere near as powerful. — Experimental.
  4. INAP now can control the previous/next page links on your index.php (or anywhere else that uses the index.php)
  5. INAP now can control the previous/next post on single post pages.
  6. INAP can now AJAX paginate single posts.
  7. You may now choose to trim the excerpt which makes your post work as two separate pages.
  8. The default comment template has been moved to a separate file to allow for easy editing.
  9. The add comment box template has been moved to a separate file.
  10. Paragraphs are now defined the same as WordPress defines a paragraph. (\n chr(13) \n)
  11. Added more divs and spans to allow you to style your comments.
  12. You may now format the comments from your Admin panel to fit in with your theme.
  13. You can now choose if your Trackbacks are shown, separated or neither in the default INAP comment list. (Trackbacks are always shown on single post pages, but if refreshed it will default to the set option)
  14. Made a few changes to make the source code look nicer.
  15. I added the ability to embed posts and pages into other posts and pages.
  16. Fading effect has been fixed to make it far less buggy.
  17. Added a modified version quicktags.js to allow formatting buttons in the add comment box.
  18. Fixed bugs related to magic-quotes
  19. Added classes to the excerpt and content divs to allow them to be styled.
  20. You may have the comments and add comments boxes open by default on pages and single posts
  21. Removed most in-line CSS.
  22. Improved the look and functionality of the Admin panel.
  23. Added detailed explanations of the Admin Panel options.
  24. Added tags you can use to show the post title, author, date and time in the show/hide links. Old style the_title still work , but are replaced with their respective format tags, and they will be officially deprecated in the next version.
  25. Passing arguments directly to the function is now officially deprecated, and may be removed in version 2.3. Thus the function inap_post_s should be removed from theme files. The functions inap_content and inap_excerpt should also be removed.
  26. Re-coded the INAP effects to make them expandable.
  27. Added a scroll-left and a slide-up effect (as a side note these extra effects add about 5 lines of code to the js file each.)
  28. Added a expand text effect that spreads the text out and then shrinks it again.
  29. After adding a new comment the comment div refreshes and focuses on the newest comment.
  30. Added support for localizations; however, as I cannot write any language other than English well enough to adequately translate it, there are no translations as of yet.
  31. I have made most of the text that displays for the add comment box etc customizable from the Admin panel.
  32. Replaced all <? with &lt?php for better compliance.</li?

    • I have built in support for Subscribe To Comments. if you have the plugin activiated the checkbox will automatically show with the rest of the add comment form.
Changes in INAP version 2.1:
  1. This release of INAP integrates with WordPress 2.1 utilizing the built in AJAX scripts and new Javascript related functions, but it retains backwards compatibility with WordPress 2.0.
  2. You may now style your template tags through the Admin panel or inside your theme files. However, certain options are only accessible through the Admin panel.
  3. A new fading effect for posts.
  4. The Javascript functions have changed yet again to make them less buggy, cleaner and smaller.
  5. I have added support for prototype.js, but because of its size (55KB) you must select it from the admin panel. By default INAP uses the MUCH smaller Sack library (5KB) which has all the functionality needed, and uses prettier code to boot.
  6. I have added Scriptaculous support for Comments and Add Comment (this requires prototype.js and adds a total 85KB to each page load). However when used on posts it is very ugly so I created the separate fade effect for posts that does not require Scriptaculous.
  7. All Javascript has been removed from the header.
  8. Other improvements including no add comment link on posts with closed comments, the submit button is disabled on comment submission, add comment box vanishes on successful submit, the disorientating bounces have been removed for the most part: jumps should now be smoother and more logical.
  9. Increased the number of times the DOM is used rather than innerHTML.
  10. inap_comments, inap_addcomments, inap_comments_link and inap_addcomments_link now check whether comments are open or if there are any to determine if they should display.
  11. Add comment box will move to where the link you clicked is. (before if you clicked the link at the end of the comments it scrolled you up.)
  12. For people who use the Admin panel for styling I have added actions to each function. This allows you to just use do_action(‘add_comments_link’) rather than using an if function exists statement.
  13. Add comment box now only vanishes and the comments only reload when the post was a success.
  14. Fixed a bug where the comment list wouldn’t reset.
  15. Fixed a bug where the post would just stop without a show more link if you didn’t pass arguments.
  16. Fixed a bug where the add comment box submit button wasn’t re-enabled.
  17. Fixed a bug where tags were sometimes left open in the excerpt.
  18. Loading buttons now appear next to the link that was clicked to make them less intrusive, but more obvious as to what they mean.
  19. Better integration with my Super Categories Plugin; you may have a different set of options for each blog.
  20. Made the Javascript files readable (They were god-awful messy before). This should be higher, but most people will never see it.

Changes in INAP 2.0:

November 17 massive update.

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