Inline Ajax Page Updated

INAP has waited over a month to have a few bugs fixed and today it finally gets its wish. There are no major features added, but a few very annoying bugs were fixed, a couple minor features were added and all support for WordPress 2.0 has been removed.

I’m going to get at least a couple people wondering why I removed WP 2.0 support and quite simply it was holding me back. It is far clunkier to work with 2.0 and it was getting difficult to ensure all features were working in both versions.

I would appreciate any bug reports that exist from here on out. I’ll attempt to release minor bug fixing versions a little more frequently. Please remember when submitting bug reports to report the browser you are using and your Javascript (if applicable) settings in INAP. Problems are ALWAYS fixed when I can replicate them myself in an active environment, so if possible please give me a URL to where the problem is being caused.

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