INAP listed on Mashable

April 22, 2007 by aaron

Inline Ajax Page was listed on Mashable as one of “30 good [AJAX wordpress plugins].” While I’m thankful for the publicity (it seems half the internet is scraping Mashable’s feed which resulted in a huge Technorati boost), as always, it was described as “Allow[ing] readers to see a snippet of a post, click a button and the remainder will appear without going to another page.”

I almost cried. That description fits only the 1.0 version of INAP that was released over a year ago–now it does so much more than that that it is almost like saying Google is just a search engine. Oh well, the traffic generated was good quality.

In other news, version 2.4.25 was released a couple days ago to fix a bug that occurs when submitting a comment using the jQuery library under IE6. I think bugfixes this specific really showcase how mature the plugin has become, so if you have used it in the past, but stopped because of bugs, why not try it again?

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