INAP 3.0 Progress

April 14, 2007 by aaron

Aside from a brief flirtation with a couple payed projects, I’ve been heavily focusing on rewriting the code for INAP 3.0, and it has almost reached the point of a private beta (which means I start running it on this site.) I have selected the new name for INAP 3.0, but I’m not going to reveal it just yet. Here is a small preview of what you can expect from INAP 3.0:

INAP 3.0 is now truly modular with a main Javascript/PHP core that other features hook into to function. This core is easily extensible and the new structure of a main project with many smaller projects will make bugfixes and upgrades less painful, and will allow the user to upgrade the plugin section by section as most changes in the modules won’t effect the core.

For the users:

  1. INAP 3.0 will make upgrades far less painful. With each section managing its own options there won’t be the constant changes to the way little things work.
  2. Features will flow more freely, and individual sections will reach maturity faster.

    Individual modules can be deleted without effecting the rest of the plugin. his will help speed up your WP.

  3. Most bugs and irritants in the current version of INAP have been removed including the entire reload of the comments section when a comment is posted, the extra text added to links has been minimized, the built in effects have been improved, and the entire plugin is faster and easy to use.

For the developers:

  1. INAP 3.0 core now works off of advanced PHP/Javascript/XML and can easily be extended with custom modules.
  2. The new license is less restrictive that the previous versions.
  3. INAP 3.0 provides a framework that other plugins can hook into to harness its maturity and the hundreds of hours that have gone in to its development.
  4. Global variables have been almost entirely eliminated from both the Javascript and PHP—INAP 3.0 will play nice.
  5. The Javascript core is entirely independent of the AJAX library used which means that any AJAX library (jQuery, Prototype, Mootools, etc) can be used and and INAP 3.0 will function just as well. Adding new libraries is no harder than adding a couple lines of code.
  6. A few well placed actions and template files can make any theme compatible.
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