Habari needs better developer documentation.

April 4, 2007 by aaron

The The just released version 0.2. I have been watching it for a while now, but even though it has some features that I really like, it still hasn’t reached a point that I would consider switching this website from WordPress (mostly because I would have to rewrite far too many need-to-have plugins).

However, recently I started thinking about re-writing some of my plugins for it–especially what will eventually become INAP 3.0, but when I try to find reasonable plugin documentation, it just doesn’t exist–not even simple tutorials. There is a wiki for the project, but it is very well hidden and nearly empty. Now I don’t mind reading through the code to figure out what functions do, but even I don’t have the time to read through an entire project just to get started.

So for now I sit back an wait for some docs that at least give me a brief overview of how things work under the hood. Moral of the story: quick and dirty documentation is better than no documentation, so don’t wait until the end to write your docs.

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