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April 25, 2007 by aaron

We have all seen those weird phrases that occur when you translate a normal sentence into several different languages through one of the many translation services, but this is different–slightly. I noticed from a tracback that a review (I think) of one of my plugins was posted in Japanese. Although I can stumble though some basic romanized Japanese, I can’t read Kanji or Kana, so I went over to Google to find out what it said….

This is part of the original text:

WPのダッシュボードは、自分好みにカスタマイズするには、wp-admin/index.php などを開いてコードを書き換える必要があります。 正直、そこまでしてカスタマイズしようとは思いませんでした。 しかし、管理画面から自由にカスタマイズできるのであれば、もちろん自分好みにカスタマイズしたいと思います

This is the text translated from Japanese to English:

The dashboard of WP, you customize in your own taste, opening wp-admin/index.php, and the like has the necessity to rewrite the cord/code. Honesty, doing to there, it will customize you did not think. But, if it can customize freely from the management picture, you would like to customize of course in your own taste.

Not a perfect translation, but understandable. Because Kanji is based off of Chinese letters I wondered what would happen if I tried to translate it from Chinese, and I got this:

WP ボ ー ド の は totally Games preparations suffered from sub midst of a good Japanese Departments に papers ス Properly protecting け る に は イ because Iraq had bought. wp-admin/index.php NADO questionnaires open Word-sized book for a long questionnaires kosoa ー ド え け る necessary ga Toru mada protecting Xiaochun . Integrity River Wall mada distortion of Applied Training midst Properly ス と は イ because Iraq had bought Shika Binging Israeli thinking Word mada’s ambassador ん distortion Shika た. Shika Shika saying it this way, budget and management of images This article is free papers midst Properly イ ス の distortion because Iraq had bought distortion Ikirutikara Ever “he Xiaochun. Word Meaning ん Dei sub good Japanese Departments に papers from the midst Properly イ ス と because Iraq had bought Shika tai thinking Word mada protecting.

You will have noticed the word Iraq. It seems the character ズ translates to ” because Iraq had bought” according to Google and the character う means Israeli, but the characters ズう mean “Because Iraq had bought clashes “. 😮

Oh and the opening paragraph of this post translated from English to Arabic to English to German to English to Korean to English reads:

We translated, in the word which is the strangeness which occurs in point the some sleeping love rival all, the total sheep it saw in speech. It is different but. It in Japanese paid attention to Trakpak of these reports (me it thinks,), from g Mlai attachment equipment places of gathering. It goes out and it will can go mad, but it goes out and with the document and a possibility basically it is used position machine I or there is not, to a surroundings and, kanji Qana illustration… What it is referred will carry is knowing, consequently and it will read and it went

🙂 I just had to.

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