Force links that open new windows to open in new tabs in firefox.

I’ve used Firefox for years mostly for the tabs. However, Firefox 2 removed the ability to “force new windows to open in tabs” and lately my number of “required” extensions have built up to the point that opening a new window takes 5-10 seconds. Which makes the occasional link that forces a new window very irritating.

To force all new windows into tabs type about:config in your url bar and set the following properties:

  1. ‘’ should be 3
  2. ‘’ should be 3
  3. ‘’ should be 0
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  • Jaryd

    Thanks for that – it was really annoying me.

  • Pat

    thanks, I was irritated by this for a long, long time.

  • Johnbarnes

    You’re Da Man, TYVM, so long that I’ve been looking for a solution for this annooooying issue…

    Thanx again :)

  • mario

    Thanks. I love it when someone knows EXACTLY what the solution is.

  • Connor

    This edit to the config did not resolve this issue for me. I have iGoogle as my homepage with widgets installed. One of those widgets is NPR and it will not allow a new tab or a new window to be selected from the menu for any of the links. Is there a way to force any and all links to open in a new tab or window regardless of how the Webmater wrote the page?.

  • rick

    Wonderful thanks, works on Firefox 4.0.1

  • Henry


    ‘’ to 0 as specified worked for me. open_newwindow already matched and I couldn’t find open_external.

  • DM


    This was driving me crazy because I had one instance of FF on one machine that would open new windows in tabs and another instance a different machine that would not…despite all the FF options and addon options being the same that I could think of.

    This finally did the trick!