Advanced image resizing software

April 3, 2007 by aaron

The image resize software demonstrated in the video is meant to enable a web browser to resize images without removing context or quality. It does this by removing areas of the image deemed less important by using algorithms that detect curved lines instead of normal straight lines. I’m very impressed with the software and I think it will profoundly effect web design and even amateur photography: who hasn’t wanted to erase an ex from pictures?

hat tip:CL Design Blog

Now there was a response video to this that complained about how it will modify the context of photographs and art work, but I don’t think this is really an issue. Some browsers already scale large images if you try to view just the image and users are already used to clicking on thumbnails: both of which allow you to see their original size just by clicking on them. If these same techniques are applied to the images resized through this software, users will learn to click the images to see a full version. The only difference is the thumbnails and rescaled images will still show the elements of the picture: rather than just seeing a few blotches of color in a thumbnail, you will see the important details scaled down, but with the less important details removed.

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