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April 16, 2007 by aaron

This creator makes it painlessly simple for you to adjust your adsense ads. Just select the options you want, and once you are done adjusting the adsense code the creator will update your code and you can move on with life. The creator includes an advanced color picker to make it easy for you to pick just the right color. Originally, I made the following creator for my WordPress Adsense widget; however, I decided that it was being wasted, and I wanted to see if I could make WordPress pages behave as real HTML files, so this became a one-day project to get it working.

A few Preliminary Questions:

Yes No

Public Service Another Ad Url Block Of color

Now onto the basics:

Ad Boxes:Text Text and Image Image

Link Units5 links 4 links

Now let’s style your ads:

Copy Color To Picker

Copy Color To Picker

Copy Color To Picker

Copy Color To Picker

Copy Color To Picker

Copy Color To Picker

To easily pick a color use the following color pickers. The second picker sends the selected color to the first for adjustment

Color Value Increase slow Increase Fast Decrease Fast Decrease Slow
Red: More Red More Red Less Red Less Red
Green: More Green More Green Less Green Less Green
Blue: More Blue More Blue Less Blue Less Blue
Hex value: #

Click to update Adcode

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