UPDATE (June, 06):
I recently re-read the old “About” page (circa ’05) that I’ve used since the site started about 7 months ago and it doesn’t really apply anymore. I no longer intend this website to be just a personal site: instead, I want it to be the most informative and diverse blogish thing on the web. I try to stay away from cheap junk articles, but they may slip in once and a while. Since I started with WordPress, it may become a focal point of the site — even now it drives in most of my traffic. Funny, I guess “Culture Based on Instinct: Creation of the Human Family” just isn’t a big crowd pleaser…Who’d uh thunk it?

Update, Update. (’07)

Just ignore me. This page is so out-of-date it is scary. Ignore anything you read here.

Update, Update, Update. (’12)

6 years since I started this site. 6 years. I haven’t always updated it. I haven’t always thought about it, but 6 years.

  • Jeremy

    Hi there. I noticed you’ve only got 3 subscribers on your FeedBurner feed, but I would imagine you actually have more subscribers to your feed.

    You should probably install the FeedBurner plugin to redirect subscribers to your legacy feed. Plus, you should install the Feed Locations plugin to avoid redirecting new subscribers.

  • http://anthologyoi.com Aaron

    Thank you I installed both.

  • http://anthologyoi.com Aaron

    The solution was already added to the comments of the original post.


  • kjs

    I know you posted this along time ago, but you’re funny and I love your site. I think I found it thru a search engine so you must be doing something right!

  • http://browneyedmystic.wordpress.com BrownEyed

    Yup, you are funny, and yup, you are intelligent as well. Good to meet you, I liked reading quite some of the stuff here.