April 24, 2006 by aaron

UPDATE (June, 06):

I recently re-read the old “About” page (circa ’05) that I’ve used since the site started about 7 months ago and it doesn’t really apply anymore. I no longer intend this website to be just a personal site: instead, I want it to be the most informative and diverse blogish thing on the web. I try to stay away from cheap junk articles, but they may slip in once and a while. Since I started with WordPress, it may become a focal point of the site — even now it drives in most of my traffic. Funny, I guess “Culture Based on Instinct: Creation of the Human Family” just isn’t a big crowd pleaser…Who’d uh thunk it?

Update, Update. (’07)

Just ignore me. This page is so out-of-date it is scary. Ignore anything you read here.

Update, Update, Update. (’12)

6 years since I started this site. 6 years. I haven’t always updated it. I haven’t always thought about it, but 6 years.

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