A friday in my newsreader: Febuary 22.

April 22, 2008 by aaron

Occasionally, so many wonderful posts appear in the lull between the Thursday doldrums and the Friday excitation (pun much?) that I have to “link it up…er…mott”.

  1. It turns out that you can see the effects of trawling for fish from space. Do we need any more evidence against it?
  2. Uncertain Principles posts about the backlash from the Virginia Tech shootings: turns out stage plays with fake wooden weapons endanger students…according to some college administrators.
  3. Uncertain principles also wonders if there is any realistic nanotechnology in SciFi writing.
  4. That encrypted hard drive you might have? Worthless now that the encryption can be broken…easily.

Oh and as a side note, anyone else watch one of my favorite video blogs: http://tv.winelibrary.com/?

image credit: Pulpolux !!!

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