Tag Management for WordPress 2.3

April 22, 2007 by aaron

Now that you have gotten used to WP 2.3 and had time to fiddle around with all those tags, you are probably finding that you need to edit, rename or delete tags. While I was going to write my own Plugins for this for a while, I found the perfect Plugins to do the work for me — and by perfect I mean really good, so I take no responsibility if they eat your dog.

The Simple Tags has been around for a long time, but now it works perfectly with WordPress tagging. What does it do? Most everything you could want (I could retype the list, but I’m going to borrow it straight from the Simple Tags website):

  • type-ahead input tags
  • auto suggestion of tags
  • tags management (rename, delete, amalgamate, search and add tags, edit tags ID)
  • List of non tagged contents
  • Edit mass tags
  • Possibility to tag pages (not only posts) and include them inside the tags results
  • Related content since common tags
  • Possibility to add related posts inside RSS
  • Dynamic Tag Clouds with colors with Widgets
  • Tags inside your header’s blog
  • Embedded tags ([tags]tag1, tag2[/tags]) for retro compatibility

I use a lot of Plugins and write a lot of Plugins, so the fact that I even use one usually means it is really well made or very useful, but this one is one of the very few that I thought was good enough to promote. Remember, if you have a favorite Plugin, do the author a favor and mention it once or twice.

Oh and what would be really nice is if it had a feature that would suggest related keywords based on the text (there used to be a Yahoo API that did this.) Wink Wink.

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